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CCPP project Publication - Coping Strategies in the North
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Coping Strategies in the North

Local Practices in the context of global restructuring

© Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen 1998
ISBN 92-893-0161-9

In a globalized economy, people living in peripheral regions tend to become more marginalized. But new forms of communication also offer opportunities for people in remote areas to participate in economic, political and cultural networks worldwide. The focus of this study is how people living in Northern localities develop coping strategies in the present situation. Social scientists from the Nordic countries, together with colleagues from Canada and Russia address this theme by presenting case studies from Circumpolar localities, and by theoretical and methodological contributions that challenge traditional ways of understanding social and economic development at the local level.


    Impressionistic Introduction by Larissa Riabova


    Summary in Norwegian

    • Coping Strategies in the North
      by Jørgen Ole Baerenholdt and Nils Aarsaether
    • Coping with Exclusion - a North Atlantic Perspective
      by Gestur Hovgaard
    • Marginal Regions and Postmodernity: Resistance, Adaptation and Collapse on the Periphery by Richard Apostle
    • Coping with Marginalization. Localization in an Icelandic Fishing Community by Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir
    • Coping with Social Problems and Sustainable Development in Reindeer and Sami Societies by Stig Karlstad
    • Coping with the Closure of the Fishery by John Hull
    • A New Rural Policy by Per Åke Nilsson
    • From the Grass-Roots-Level: Environmental Conflicts and Coping in Lapland by Leena Suopajärvi
    • Local People Meeting Social Problems - the Case of the Murmansk region by Larissa Riabova
    • Everyday Life of Farming Households in Southern France and Northern Norway by Anniken Førde
    • Locals versus Mobiles by Jørgen Ole Baerenholdt
    • Fieldwork Manual by Nils Aarsaether and Jørgen Ole Baerenholdt


    Map of the region and the Localities


    This study is the first systematic documentation of activities in the Circumpolar Coping Processes Project, a nine-country social scientific cooperation effort aimed at producing and disseminating new knowledge on the situation facing people living in localities in the Northern areas.  The participants are doctoral students and senior researchers from Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Russia.

    Responding to an initiative from UNESCO's MOST programme, the research project was organized on an axis Tromsø - Roskilde in 1996, with a steering committee of social scientists from the nine countries, with Jørgen Ole Baerenholdt of Roskilde as coordinator, and with a secretariat set up at the University of Tromsø.  During the spring of 1997, the project organized two international conferences, a symposium in Roskilde (April 1997) and a workshop in Klaksvik, Faroe Islands (June 1997).  At these two occasions, several social scientists contributed with presentation of papers, and the present study is a collection of some of these contributions.

    We are very thankful for the economic support we received from NORA, the Nordic Atlantic Cooperation Committee, NorFa, the Nordic Research Academy, and the Research Council of Norway, Finland and Sweden.  Without their significant contributions, the gatherings of social scientists from the North Atlantic countries would not have been possible.  Also, we are thankful for the direct and indirect contributions from the universities and research institutions to which the project participants belong.  From 1998, the Nordic Committee of Social Research (NOS-S) will be the main contributor for the coordination activities of the project.

    We also want to thank all the co-authors, who rapidly have responded to the suggestions for changes and re-writing needed to make this book a coherent presentation of the ambitions of the MOST / CCPP research team.  We also want to thank the other participants at the Roskilde and Klaksvik sessions who offered suggestions and constructive criticisms to their colleagues, and especially, we want to mention the contributions in this respect from Johan Galtung and Andrew Sayer.  To administer the international sessions, Tabitha Wright Nielsen has been engaged.  A special thanks to Marit Aure who has worked very competently, and more than full time in the last months to monitor the final stages of the publication process.  We are very thankful for their handling of a series of challenges during the last twelve months.  In the course of preparing this volume we have received invaluable help from Trine Holm.

    Being a part of the worldwide MOST (Management of Social Transformations) network, we have enjoyed much interest and support from the UNESCO - MOST secretariat in Paris.  Additional information on MOST and our project can also be found on UNESCO MOST Clearing House, Internet address: www.unesco.org/most. Finally, we will thank the Nordic Council of Ministers for their cooperation in the publication of the present study.

    Tromsø / Roskilde, February 1998

    Nils Aarsaether    Jørgen Ole Baerenholdt

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