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The City Templates of the MPMC project
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Multicultural Policies and Modes of Citizenship in European Cities (MPMC)

City Templates

To ensure international comparative research the MPMC project has taken stock of all particularities of a city in the form of so-called city templates.

They include the following information:

    I. Basic Data
    • Size (municipality);
    • Relative significance of city in region and country;
    • Cycles of Migration;
    • Composition of immigrant / ethnic minority populations;
    • Concentration (residential, economic);
    • Mobilisation, organisation (key events and associations);
    • Political, syndicalist and religious affiliation of the different ethnic groups.

    II. Relevant Political structures

    • Levels of administration, territorial organisation (national, regional, municipal);
    • Relation between local levels and other levels of government;
    • Decision-making processes;
    • Relevant legislation on the legal, social, cultural and political status of immigrants;
    • General description of immigrant/ethnic minority directed policies of the municipality;
    • Participatory frameworks for immigrants/ethnic minorities.

    III. Case group features

    • History of immigrant / ethnic minority group(s) in that city;
    • Examples of strategy, mobilisation and impact of engaging with 'top-down' participatory frameworks.

    IV. Relevant research

      Existing, relevant studies of importance focused on the city and relevant results.

The following city templates are available (in Word and PDF format):

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