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Rural labour migration in China: challenges for policies: UNESCO SHS
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Rural labour migration in China: challenges for policies
Rural labour migration in China: challenges for policies This publication is the result of a study conducted by a young Chinese researcher, Zhan
Shaohua. Zhan is a member of the research team led by Professor Huang Ping of the Chinese
Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), which has been UNESCO’s main partner for the
Together with Migrants project in China.

This paper, prepared by the UNESCO Beijing Office, summarizes the progress made since
2002 on the “Together with Migrants” project and offers new perspectives for the future of
the project in terms of policy recommendations.

Document Type Policy Paper
Website (URL) http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001402/140242e.pdf
Author(s) Zhan Shaohua
Publisher MOST / UNESCO
Publication Year 2005
Volume/Issue Number 10
Number of Pages 50
Series Title Policy Papers NEW series MOST2

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