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Philipinne Migration Studies - APMRN Publication
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Philippine Migration Studies
An Annotated Bibliography

Compiled by

Aurora E. Perez
Perla C. Patacsil

Philippine Migration Research Network, 1998
ISBN 971-8514-13-9



PART I. Internal Migration

    A. General Studies/Overviews

    B. Levels, Trends and Patterns of Migration

    C. Determinants and Consequences of Migration including Differentials and Adaptation

    D. Migration In Relation to Other Socio-Economic and Demographic Processes

    E. Migration Strategy Formulation

    F. Female Migrants/Migration

PART II.  International Migration
    A. General Studies/Overviews including Trends, Patterns and Statistical Data

    B. Migration Determinants and Decision Making including Differentials and Adaptation

    C. Migration, Development and Macroeconomic Conditions

    D. The Effects of Migration on Individuals, Families and Communities

    E. Migration Policy and Management

    F. Women in Migration

    G. Regional/Country Studies

        General Studies
        Hong Kong

      Middle East

      North America

        United States


Through the initiative of the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), the National Liaison Committee for the Management of Social Transformations (MOST) program of UNESCO in the Philippines, the Philippine Migration Research Network (PMRN) was organized early in 1996.  It forms part of the larger Asia-Pacific Migration Research Network (APMRN) - the regional organizational structure that is implementing a 5-year research program on New Migrations and Growing Ethno-Cultural Diversity in the Asia Pacific Region: Social and Political Issues under the UNESCO-MOST program for Asia and the Pacific.  The overall aim of the research program is to develop an understanding of the role of migration as a major factor in the transformation of societies in the Asia-Pacific region, in order to provide a knowledge and information base for the formulation of forward-looking policy.

The preparation of this publication, Philippine Migration Studies: An Annotated Bibliography, is one of the initial activities of the PMRN towards helping achieve the long-term objective of the research network.  This bibliography updates an existing compendium of internal migration studies in the Philippines entitled Migration Studies in the Philippines: An Annotated Compendium, compiled by Dr. Aurora E. Perez (U.P. Population Institute, May 1992), as well as expands on the published bibliography on international migration, Migration from the Philippines, 1975-1995: An Annotated Bibliography, prepared by Joyce Yukawa (Scalabrini Migration Center, 1996).  All items found in Dr. Perez's compendium are included in this bibliography.  The abridged versions of the studies were further condensed to conform to the general format of this bibliography.  Abstracted materials found in Ms. Yukawa's work are excluded.  However, the unabstracted items that were readily available as well as the unpublished materials that were later published or found in other published sources, are included in the present collection.

In compiling this bibliography, the following bibliographic tools were used in the search for relevant materials: Annotated Bibliography of Population/Development Literature (Filipiniana), NEDA, 1986 [ABP/DL]; Annotated Inventory of Population-Related Studies, Population Center Foundation, 1981-1983 [AIPRS]; Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations, UP School of Economics Library, 1965-1993 [BTD]; Philippine Economic Bibliography, UP School of Economics, 1980-1993 [PEB]; Philippine Population Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, Population Center Foundation, 1983-1988 [PPL]; Philippine Population Literature in Periodicals: An Annotated Bibliography, Population Center Foundation, 1981-1982 [PPLP]; Philippine Population Studies: A Preliminary Bibliography with Selected Annotations, compiled by Rodolfo A. Bulatao, et al., UP Social Research Laboratory, 1974 [PPS].

The Philippine Migration Research Network (PMRN) acknowledges the joint efforts of Dr. Aurora E. Perez, Director of the University of the Philippines Population Institute and Ms. Perla Patacsil, Head College Librarian of the University of the Philippines College of Public Administration in compiling this bibliography.

We hope that this publication will increase the awareness of potential users - researchers, and policymakers alike - of the range and scope of available literature on migration in the Philippines.  For the scholar on migration, we trust that this collection will serve as a useful guide in building upon the works of others, as well as in the conduct of problem-oriented, forward-looking, and policy-relevant studies.

Benjamin V. CariƱo, Ph.D.
Philippine Migration Research Network

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