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MOST Discussion Paper 56
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How to...

  • How to establish governance structures ?

  • “Currently, as shown by the survey, the civil society in Mozambique adopts the mode of economic behaviour prevalent in this approach (i.e. NGOs operate like homo economicus). For this reason, if the promotion of “ethical and democratic values” (and not only economic and democratic values), according to UNESCO’s definition of governance, must be achieved, it is necessary to promote a “political society” together with the civil society. The public realm referred to in the governance approach of political development should be enhanced by this new way of looking at the society. To avoid economic and therefore political hegemony of organized civil society (NGOs) over the entire society or public realm, the ethical dimension must be given its place. By promoting the concept of political society, UNESCO will certainly contribute to the “establishment of governance structures and mechanisms in its field of competence”(p.25)

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