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Title: MOST Newsletter no.2. 98/99

1999. This newsletter comes from the UNESCO Office in Tunis and contains various articles, studies and projects concerning Arab States and the MOST programme. Amongst others is a summary of a six-year research project about social transformation in towns, an international conference on globalisation and families, and an interdisciplinary project on urban development and water management. The newsletter is written in both Arabic and French.

Titre: MOST gestion des transformations sociales. Lettre d’information No. 2. 98 / 99.

1999. Le document ci-joint est une lettre d’information du bureau de l’UNESCO à Tunis. Elle contient différents articles, études et projets concernant les Etats arabes et le programme MOST.

Título: MOST Gestión de las Transformaciones Sociales, Carta de información n°2 98/99.

1999. El presente documento es una carta de información de la oficina de MOST en Túnez. Contiene diferentes artículos, estudios, y proyectos que se relacionan con los estados árabes y el programa MOST.

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