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MOST Publication: Sustainability and the Social Sciences
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Title: Sustainability and the social sciences : A cross-disciplinary approach to integrating environmental considerations into theoretical reorientation

1999. This multi-authored volume explores the complex terrain of the interface between the social sciences and environmental research. The contributors come from a range of disciplines: Economics, Sociology, Geography, Political Science and Psychology. They share two broad assumptions: on the one hand, the intellectual reality that continuing attempts at theoretical development remain the lifeblood of the social sciences, and on the other, the planetary reality that environmental questions will increasingly dominate humanity in the course of the coming century. This reality holds out the opportunity, and indeed the practical necessity, of stimulating both important new lines of theoretical development within the social sciences and new forms of intellectual cooperation across them.
Taking sustainability as the potential common term of reference, the authors see it not as some talisman opening the road to a unifying paradigm, but instead as a generator of problems to which responses must be found. Taking this approach, they follow through on a number of purposes:

  • To clarify the meaning and analytical implications of sustainability from a social sciences perspective in order to establish starting points for new research;
  • To explore the potential contributions of different social science disciplines to the sustainability debate;
  • And more ambitiously, to suggest ways in which the conceptual implications of sustainability can promote a reorientation of the social sciences themselves. This will come from their willingness to look at the complex interactions of society and nature, and the connections between symbolic and material dimensions of social practices.

Following this path, this volume introduces the discussion on sustainability within various social science disciplines. It demonstrates how this intellectual reorientation of the social sciences opens up fresh perspectives for environmental research and the development of forward looking and actor-oriented sustainability strategies.



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