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Editorial: UNESCO SHS
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Matthias Koenig
The management of religious diversity figures high on the current agenda of political and academic debates. There is indeed a growing awareness, among politicians and academics alike, that given the relevance of religion in the articulation of cultural identities the democratic management of multicultural societies has to consider the specific problems of religious diversity. The current issue of the IJMS continues the discussions of the two preceding issues by emphasising the global context of managing religious diversity.

Suggested bibliographic reference for this article:

Koenig, Matthias. 2000. "Editorial". International Journal on Multicultural Societies 2 (1): 1-3.

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Periodical Name IJMS, Vol. 2, No. 1
Publication date 2000
Number of pages pp. 1-3

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Quick Link to this page: www.unesco.org/shs/ijms/vol2/issue1/ed

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